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During Navruz, many families visit relatives, throw out old belongings, clean the house, and play field games. Other pre-Islamic Tajik traditions like fire jumping, dancing round the fire, and fighting 'devils' with fire, still occur in the more remote regions.

It is known for dishes such as kabuli pulao, qabili palau, and samanu.

They are: wrestler Yusup Abdusalomov (silver in Belijing 2008), judoka Rasul Boqiev (bronze in Beijing 2008), boxer Mavzuna Chorieva (bronze in London 2012) and Dilshod Nazarov (gold in hammer throw in Rio 2016) . The first official movie studio, called Tajikkino (later renamed to Tajikfilm), began operation in 1930.

In 1935, Tajikkino started producing movies with voice-over.

The top clubs in Tajikistan compete in the Tajik League.

Four Tajikistani athletes have won Olympic medals for their country since independence.

Tajik culture was represented at Miss UN Pageant in 2010.

The country's representative and citizen Nilufar Sherzod won the Miss United Nations title.

Zoroaster, the prophet of Zoroastrianism, was born in the Balkh area (northern Afghanistan and Transoxania), and was possibly Bactrian (the partial ancestors of the Tajiks).

Zoroastrianism had been adopted by Persian emperors as a state religion, and was practiced during the Samanid era in Central Asia as well, until being overrun by the Arabs.

The studio mainly survived by taking small foreign orders, and produced only a few of its own movies.

Mohsen Makhmalbaf's film Sex & Philosophy from 2005 was set and produced in Tajikistan, as was the film Angel on the Right by Jamshed Usmonov from 2002.

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