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Banaadir is a geographical designation that pre-dates European colonial occupation of this part of the Horn of Africa, and derives from the Arabic ‘building(s) made of stone’, distinguished the Old Town quarters of the Banaadir from the more modest indigenous huts of wattle – and so we have the term Stone Town(again, familiar to students of Swahili, and of which the most famous of the Stone Towns of the East African coastal region is Zanzibar). Banaadiri traditions speak of 39 families migrating to the coast from Arabia/Persia around this time, with names that indicate the tribes and towns where they originated.

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What is clear, however, is that sometime in the early part of the second millennium Arab-Muslim traditions began to be established in the Banaadir settlements.

The point is that whether these traditions date to one particular point in time or represent the conflation of memories of movements at different times, they are relevant to a group’s perception of self, and inform their actions.

Over the centuries of relative separation, town polity developed differently from that of the agro-pastoralist and nomadic pastoralist clans.

Banaadiri lineages are parallel, free-standing descent lines that do not meet at a legendary common apical ancestor (among the nomadic clans this ancestor is known as Samaal).

The descent pattern of Banaadiri groups does not therefore fit within what is often referred to in the academic literature as the ‘total genealogy’ model that is held to underpin Somali society overall (see Lewis 1957 & 1995).

Many such ordered activities -religion, law, or supervision of rituals – had traditional or hereditary associations for particular descent groups.

Members of trades and skills groups, such as weavers and silversmiths, may find a parallel with trade guilds in mediaeval Europe.

Origin stories tell how a people’s culture came into being, and none of the legends of origin for any of the Somali groups that we have referred to pre-date Islam (though elements in the folk literature may do so).

Andalthough this part of the world was clearly peopled before the beginning of the second millennium, we are not here concerned with what is or is not confirmed history, but with the history that the people construct – for this is a social fact that affects their way of life, and colours their world view.

The Banaadiri (Benadiri) are a people who have their roots in southern Somalia’s Indian Ocean coast.

Culturally they are communities of townspeople that live in the oldest parts of the Stone Towns of Mogadishu (Mogadishu), Marka and Baraawe, and in a string of smaller coastal settlements that are interspersed, from Warsheikh north of Mogadishu, then south to include Jasira, Gandershe, Jilib Marka, and Torre.

Mogadishu, the largest and most important of these, is the site of three of the earliest mosques on the East African coast, attested to by inscriptions therein.

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