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There are exceptions with both larger and smaller examples that are going to be of interest as well.

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Typically these miniature anvils are about 4" or so long and a couple of inches tall.Other small anvils were made to be used by Jewelers or clockmakers and the like and some of these can be very nice as well.If you have any of the above mentioned small anvils you would like to sell, or I can help you sell please contact me.I think railroad track weighs about 90 pounds a foot.I also have a piece that's about 10" long and it works pretty well as an anvil.I have a couple of those big steel plates that railroad tracks sit on where they rest on the wood railroad ties, and they come in handy when you need something fairly flat to hammer something on or to use in a hydraulic press as a backing plate. You can walk along railroad tracks and find them lying there for free sometimes, along with railroad spikes, and other big hunks of good quality steel.

I think the tops of railroad tracks are induction hardened.The styles I like seem to be the ones that are being reproduced in the largest numbers these days.Some are nicely cast and well done by what I will call mechanics here in the US.If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact contact us. Its gonna be painted as well just need to figure out a color.. They also say all the work it needs is to mill the top flat and the ends which ever way you like. I have a piece that's 4 feet long and it weighs about 360 pounds.So I went to this auction and bought numbers of items dicounted to my liking, and while I was there I also picked up this anvil... Nothing crazy but just a good base for whacking things on. It came in handy straightening out some kinks in a bent frame rail of an old car.Many offered as vintage or antique using the definition of older than some. I am particularly interested in small anvils that have some sort of interesting characteristic, be it raised letter advertising, or incised lettering, dates, or other info cast or inscribed on the anvil.

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