Dating cultures in spain

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The girl wears a fancy, colorful, and elaborate dress, typically found in pastel shades.The girl dances a waltz with her father, older brother, or other male relative.

In many regions throughout Spain, plans for funerals and burials are usually begun when it is known someone is on their deathbed.Communion and last rites are offered, followed by a blessing. During a wake, family members, friends, and loved ones sit with the deceased until the burial, again to keep them company.Following the death of a family member or loved one, someone within the family is usually chosen to stay with the body to keep them company and to make sure they are treated properly. Wakes are a social event and considered a time in many cultures to laugh, remember, and to honor not only the loved ones, but also family members that have not been seen in some set for nine days following the death and then on consecutive anniversaries of the death.Every region, town, or family may celebrate it with variations, but basically, it's a big party.Quinceanera is a celebration that marks a young girl's introduction into "society" on her 15th birthday.Yes, the kids can still have birthday parties with cake and presents, but for adults, it's different.

In Spain, it's customary for an adult experiencing a birthday to treat other adults to drinks.

Godparents are expected to be active in the Catholic faith, spiritual, have a deep faith, and engage in prayer.

During the baptismal ceremony, the infant is dressed in a traditional and decorative white christening gown.

Other customs and traditions in Spain have existed since its beginning.

Birthdays are different in Spain than in the United States, and many countries around the World.

The quinceanera celebration begins with a religious service, followed by a dedication mass.

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