Dating and head games

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Dating and head games - love dating for man

Do you remember your parents telling you “Treat people how you want to be treated?” At first it just sounds like good advice, but it’s also a warning. If you play inconsiderate mind games, they’ll start playing back.

You might think no one is paying attention to your relationship, but they are.

If you act friendly, honest, open, and supportive, that’s how the relationship will be.

If you act aloof, prideful, manipulative, and insensitive, guess how your relationship will be?

Going into a relationship still carrying those wounds puts extra weight on you and .

That in turn means you’ll have more fun on dates and be more likely to finding the right person.

Allen believes that everybody deserves love and a healthy relationship.

He currently lives with his wife of four years and their one-year old daughter.

Part may stem from personal insecurities accompanied with a fear of committing, or it might be a natural habit.

When we started dating as teens, these games were normal practice because we were all unsure how to date.

When not spoiling his family, he spends his free time writing, playing video games, and snowmobiling.

To read more of his writing, follow him on Twitter.

Then, either the two of you will continue to drive each other up the wall, or you’ll drift away and pursue other people. Playing mind games leads to a dislike of dating because of all the drama, which isn’t doesn’t have to be the case at all.

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