Darren bent dating steve bruce

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Darren bent dating steve bruce - Sluts to chat fast

With Frank's assistance, the Chatsworth residents join forces en masse in order to find Jody.

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He accompanies her to her home in Chatsworth, a deprived inner city council estate, to meet her large family, and the pair begin to grow close, until she receives a visit from the police concerning her alcoholic father, Frank (David Threlfall).

While Frank lands himself in trouble with the French authorities, a body is found in the canal at home, and everyone assumes it is Frank. And how will Fiona react when she discovers what Steve has done?

Meanwhile, Karen's agoraphobic mother, Sheila Jackson (Maggie O'Neill), finds a new man, Kev (Dean Lennox Kelly) and Veronica Ball (Maxine Peake) fall out over money, and a local copper PC Tony (Anthony Flanagan) has fallen in love with Fiona.

But many residents have already fallen victim - including Ian.

Meanwhile, Sheila is eagerly awaiting the arrival of another Gallagher baby. But after finding his mother Carol in bed with his best friend, he torches her house, forcing Veronica to let them move in with her and Kev.

The pair are chased back to Chatsworth by Monica and her lesbian lover, Norma Starkey (Dystin Johnson), leading to a rollercoster of emotions within the fractured family.

Meanwhile, Tony's love for Fiona reaches new depths when he asks her to marry him.First Appearance: Jez Final Appearance: Eddie Jackson Voice-over: Fiona Gallagher It's Friday night in The Jockey, and barman Kev says he is getting married to his longtime girlfriend, Veronica, in order to deter the advances of a group of ladies.However, Frank overhears and announces it to the entire pub...Meanwhile, Lip Gallagher (Jody Latham) makes a shocking discovery about his brother Ian (Gerard Kearns) that turns the brothers close relationship upside down, and he also uncovers a shocking secret about the local shopkeeper, Kash Karib (Chris Bisson).Elsewhere, Karen Jackson's (Rebecca Atkinson) father, Eddie (Steve Pemberton), leaves home after catching her in a compromising position.However, it's his new rival Norma who comes up with the perfect solution: fake his own death so his debts die with him, but Monica and Norma may have an ulterior motive for offering to help.

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