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Jan → Jantje, Lotte → Lotje), in particular for children and women.The English forms Johnny or Johnnie and Bobby or Bobbie are quite common in the Netherlands.

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Informal French has a number of diminutive nicknames, although not as systematically as in English.The traditional hypocoristic forms of Bulgarian masculine names end with "-cho", for example: Ivan - Ivancho - Vancho, Stoyan - Stoyancho, Petur - Peturcho, Angel - Angelcho.The traditional hypocoristic forms of Bulgarian feminine names end with "-ka", for example: Ivana - Ivanka, Snezhana - Snezhanka, Bozhana - Bozhanka.Luchin, from Valdai, was known as a talented poet with a high IQ level before carrying out his alleged crimes.There were hints of a darker side online, however, as he subscribed to a page called 'World of maniacs and serial killers'.As evident from the above-mentioned examples, hypocorisms frequently demonstrate (indirectly) a phonological linguistic universal (or tendency) for high-pitched sounds to be used for smaller creatures and objects (here as more "cute" or less imposing names).

Higher-pitched sounds are associated with smaller creatures because smaller creatures can only make such high frequency sounds given their smaller larynxes.In recent times, however, the hypocoristic forms of many Bulgarian names receive English and Russian endings, for example: Increasingly, the official form of Dutch given names as registered at birth is one that originally was hypocoristic.For many of the hypocorisms listed below, a diminutive may be used (e.g.There are however some exceptions, for example Nonni which is an alternative from for Jón.In Japan, diminutive names are made by adding an honorific suffix to a person's name, or to part of the name.Hypocorisms of first names are commonly based on truncation, only keeping the first (Max) or last (Hans) syllable(s), sometimes in contracted form as these examples show. Hypocorisms of first names are commonly based on truncation, only keeping the first (Kat-; Jul-) syllable, sometimes in contracted form as these examples show.

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