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If your at home remedies don't cure your condition, you may want to try an over-the-counter treatment.

Common symptoms of the condition are dark, red, painful, crusty blisters or sores in the corner of the mouth.If you are suffering from cracked corners of the lips, there are many treatments available to fight this irritating and sometimes painful condition.There are a variety of causes, but home remedies or medical solutions can help you get healthy, crack-free skin.There are many remedies to consider and just as many treatments not to use, including heavy waxy lip balms.Though they may bring temporary relief to cracked corners, they actually make the problem worse.It is medically known as Angular Cheilitis, an inflammatory condition that affects the corners of the mouth and can cause deep splits and cracks.

Angular Cheilitis is often associated with a fungal condition, but viral and bacterial infections are also possible.Licking actually adds bacteria to the lips and makes them drier.Believe it or not, your lips can tell you about your health.If the sides of your mouth are cracking, the reason may be one of several.While the most common cause of the cracks is a fungal infection, there are other potential culprits.These include: According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, there are other less common conditions can be associated with this condition, including antibiotic use, istretinoin therapy, diabetes, and inflammatory bowel disease.