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Jam bands have a strong presence in the state, dating back to Grateful Dead performances at the Oregon Country Fair, and outdoor music festivals continue to be popular.

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Over the next twenty years, punk rock evolved into grunge, riot grrrl, alternative rock, and, eventually, indie rock.

You get desperate, and you start seeing wonderful things in, like, the wrong guys.

I also found some pretty good guys."The stunning Mexican actress dated Edward Norton for four years, before splitting in 2003, and was also in a relationship withstar Josh Lucas for almost a year, after splitting from Norton."But I wish I could say to myself, 'Hey, chill out.

We're not putting up with some lazy girl in the house.

I mean, she's the consummate professional, and she can kick some serious butt.

Much of modern popular music traces its roots to the emergence in the late 19th century of African American blues and the growth of gospel music in the 1920s.

African American musicians borrowed elements of European and Indigenous musics to create new American forms.

Portland had one of the most vibrant hardcore punk scenes in the early 1980s Pacific Northwest, rivaled only by Seattle and Vancouver.

The Wipers and Poison Idea are the best known representatives of the scene, especially The Wipers, a major grunge influence.

The band was unable to find much success after its first album.

Portland is also home of the world's first and only all-Asian American dance rock band, The Slants, another independent act who has been made international headlines, both for their public battle with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, as well as their active involvement in the anime industry.

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    Its makers gave it a man's head (some say it's a woman) and the body of a lion.

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