Consolidating superannuation for

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You need to sign the authority that will be produced after you register.This is required by the funds before a superannuation search can commence.

With the power of compounding returns, the money you save in fees could help grow your super balance.It could also reduce the likelihood of you ending up with lost super in the long run if you remain an active member of only one fund as opposed to having balances in multiple funds that may be administratively hard to manage.There are some things you should consider before you move money out of a super fund.Ten days after this, we will initiate consolidation of all the superannuation we find into your AMP account.If you need more time, or you wish to cancel the consolidation call us on 1300 763 721 during those 10 days.One Super Fund offers three levels of assistance that range from the basic consolidation to a full financial service.

Whatever your needs are, call us and let our friendly staff help organise your super.

One of the biggest advantages of combining your super accounts is the potential savings in fees (e.g. If you’re paying fees on multiple accounts, you can reduce the amount of fees you pay by reducing the number of super funds you have.

Another advantage of consolidating your super is less paperwork.

You can proceed with consolidation when you're ready by selecting which funds you'd like to consolidate in My AMP.

If you need anything, call us on 1300 763 721 during those 10 days.

Did you know that over 6.4 million working Australians have more than .9 billion sitting in lost super funds?

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