Consolidating email accounts iphone

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Consolidating email accounts iphone - 1 config files in etc need updating

With Thunderbird quit, drag each file into the new profile's Mail folder or sub folder where you want. Select the contents of, say "Sent_FROM_Moldy Old Machine" and drag to the Sent file of the new profile.[Old Inboxes might best be left as separate files to keep down the size of Inbox.] Don't copy over any files.

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The new account will be the primary account, effectively replacing the first account in the present list.Any add on to hide particular mail folder and mail accounts A privacy related help needed.Please mention any add on that will hide particular mail folders (or/ and mail accounts) on normal run, and that will become visible on providing some password. Hello all, I am looking for a solution to have one mail account to hold several other mail accounts (e.g. ---Inbox The embedded accounts should include all mail folders the user creates at any time.Tip for Windows users: To determine the complete file system path to a given mailbox folder, right-click on it then choose Properties from the context menu that appears, then look for the "Location:" field.Copying the "Location" (or "path") starting from the drive letter, and up to the final slash (before the mailbox name), then pasting it into the "Location" bar in Windows Explorer, will make it easy to navigate to the mailbox path so that you can then proceed to drag other mailbox files into it.There's no reason to believe this cannot be duplicated on Windows, but I cannot test that.

In the old account profile, go into Mail folder and give each mail folder- which is represented by a single file, such as "Inbox", or "Sent", or "Joe's E-mail from Mary" a distinctive name, both unique and one that'll help you recognize just where it came from.

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NET CLR 1.1.4322) jane Ehret wrote: Summary: Wanted to use Thunderbird and couldn't because my e-mail account through Juno does not support it According to mail accounts? Recently, the company that has been my primary email service provider for a decade has been unable to keep its servers running, and that has forced me to get a new email service provider.

I don't want this, I want all the mail received via this account to go into the local folders. Can someone help me make the second mail account visible, so I can retrieve and send messages, etc. Larry Mehl L Mehl wrote: Thunderbird by pointing the Server S...

I have set the "Account Settings" - Today I added a new mail account, an... very stupid I installed thunderbird to discover that it can support only a single mail account. Wish Thunderbird:adding different smtp-server for each mail account Hey NG Thanks for Thunderbird a great mail and news client. The other day I looked around in my main mail account directory to see what names the folders had and what use they had.

Can anyone confirm if this works the same way in a Unix/Linux GUI?