Classroom activities about dating violence

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Classroom activities about dating violence - cougar dating in dc

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Prerequisites Before beginning this activity, watch the video listed below or preview the clips on the Web.The clip features a real couple talking about the dynamics in their relationship.The group will be discussing the video and doing an activity based on the video. The class can be divided into teams, with each team being responsible for a section of the Web site. Objectives: Option 1: Students view the PBS In the Mix video "Twisted Love: Dating Violence Exposed," followed by a discussion of the important points covered in the video. Their challenge will be to design and publish a Web site for other teens to find information on the subject." Some answers may include: sadness, confusion, anger at the abuser, anger at the victim, helplessness. Ask the group to think back to the questions that were posed before watching the clip.

Ask these questions to the group again, giving time to discuss each answer.Learn more about dating violence by visiting the Web sites listed at the end of this activity.Materials Students will need: (Facilitator Note: The statements do not have to be hung in any particular order.Confirm or suggest that it is difficult for many people to understand why the victim, in this case a woman, would stay in the violent relationship.The Cycle of Violence can help them understand a bit more.Students might be required to conduct interviews with those people in the community dealing with domestic violence on a routine basis (i.e.