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I'm going to write a story for my web page specifically on the sinking incident. A couple of weeks ago Tom Mc Call RCA/GE/CSR Communications Downrange and Cape Canaveral AFS, Communications Test Operations Analyst passed away. In the comm center where we ran Morse code traffic to other station and ships, did some air traffic control, handled some classified documents and played with Sammy the meanest tom cat that ever lived.

Comments: BACK FROM THE RANGE RAT REUNION AT JIM IRBY'S SPREAD NEAR HAWTHORNE. I am looking for any information about my dad during this period. THE DISH SITE JUST TO THE SOUTH STILL ACTIVE, WELL MAINTAINED. THOSE PALMETTOS ACROSS THE OLD VERY NARROW ROAD THERE WHERE WE USED TO SIGN-IN AND THEN SIT IN THE SHADE OF LONG GONE.Supported off Florida , moved to Miami Beach, supported off Bermuca and the Sargasso Sea. His name was Verlin Steve Norris and he worked for RCA. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2014 at the age of 73.After sinking went to for work for Pan Am as a security guard.After my 45 went off by accident, was assigned to parts supply (GBI), I think the only air conditioned facility on the range.He had an Ercoupe air plane in Melbourne that I learned to fly. My first big poker loss, sinking a LCM6 at Walkers Cay delivering a truck crane.

Eventually went back to school for an engineering degree and ended up working for Lockheed in California. Bill Bailey Comments: I worked on GBI and Walkers Cay in the late 50's. My dad (Gen USAF, same name)had lied about my age and gotten me a summer job on the range. I worked for some time for a contractor who delivered supplies to various tracking stations.

THANKS TO JIM AND THE MANY WHO CONTRIBUTED TO THE EFFORT TO PUT ON THE EVENT. Not sure this relates to his Vanguard job Comments: I was a RM2, Radioman 2nd class, stationed at NAVFAC Grand Turk in 1977. After my duty there, I became a Range Rat for RCA, and operated and then supervised the radar tracking watches on Antigua and Ascension Islands. Found a note from Benny Juhl, I worked with him on ORV's. Wish I could come to the next RR get together but the commute from WA is more than I can handle. Would be interested in hearing from anybody who had passed by my way in the past. BMEWS Thule, Greenland Alaska, Dew Line Andros Island, AUTECAlaska, AC&W Project, Cape Romanzof, Kotzebue, King Salmon Andros (again}Cudjoe Key, Fl. RCA Aerostat====================================Mick put this in the Guest Book by misteak on and I am finally moving it over to the Range Rat Sign In Book where it really belongs.... Services that will be held at the Bealls Funeral Home in Bowie Md. Maury was a great man and may he rest in peace and may his peace be eternal."There is an obituary link but it does not include any info. The hottest thing going was the MOD II, but the Nike MOD IV came shortly thereafter. CHEERS TO ALL THE OLD HANDS WHO STOOD THE TEST OF THOSE EARLY DAYS ON THE RANGE - LIFE IN A QUONSET HUT! Served on St Lucia, San Salvador, Rose Knot, Cape Telemetry 2 and 3, Mercury / Gemini Control, Mistram in Valkaria.

Comments: My dad Jack Ledbetter worked for ITT (I think) around 1966 on the Vanguard. THE OLD PAN AM MAILROOM STILL THERE, THO LOOKING UNUSED.

When we weren't at work we were drinking and diving.

(Not drinking and driving)I miss the place but no way I will ever be back.

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