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The crucial factor, however, is where and how the individual batches were made.

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Forty years on, it is recognised that exposure to SV-40 leads to a slightly heightened risk of contracting certain cancers such as mesothelioma.As a result, each OPV contained not only weakened poliovirus, but also whichever monkey viruses happened to be present in the cell substrate.One such virus was SV-40 (the 40th simian virus to be discovered), which was found in 1960 to cause tumours in hamsters.This is demonstrably wrong: gay men have become infected after having only oral sex, and there are several recorded instances in which babies of HIV-negative mothers have been infected through being breast-fed by HIV-positive wet nurses.All mucosal cells, including those of the mouth and throat, represent potential portals of entry for HIVs and SIVs, and the likelihood of infection increases when there are oral lesions, such as those caused by teething or mouth ulcers.Just five minutes into his interview, one of the virology technicians, Jacques Kanyama, revealed that batches of CHAT vaccine had been prepared locally in Stanleyville. Until now, all the Belgian and American witnesses who had worked at LMS, or who had been involved with CHAT, had insisted that the vaccine had not, indeed could not, have been made locally.

They didn’t have the equipment, they said; they couldn’t possibly have produced a vaccine at a primitive lab like that.

is the OPV (oral polio vaccine) theory, and it requires a little background.

In the 1950s, OPVs were prepared in primate cells, as most still are today.

Passaging (growing) a virus such as poliovirus in different substrates or tissue cultures (sheets of animal cells grown in vitro, in the laboratory) alters the pathogenicity of the virus.

What polio vaccine-makers are looking for is a weakened, or attenuated version that will produce protective antibodies in humans, but not the disease itself.

In April 2001, brief reports by the labs that had tested the CHAT samples were published in such vaccines were in question, and ended with the claim that ‘some beautiful facts have destroyed an ugly theory.’Weiss wrongly stated that the samples had ‘included the OPV batch (designated CHAT 13) used in Leopoldville’, confusing the terms ‘pool’ and ‘batch’.