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James takes a ride around London in an eye-catching supercar, with an aspiring fitness guru who's looking for £80,000.

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Plus, the boys hit the road to champion the ethical values of eating British rose veal Love Springfieldian Style Season 19 Episode 12/20Homer, Marge and Bart get stranded in a Tunnel of Love ride at a carnival, and pass the time by telling stories about some of history's most famous couples, including Bonnie and Clyde, and Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen The Debarted Season 19 Episode 13/20Bart joins forces with Donny, a new pupil at Springfield Elementary School who has a penchant for trouble-making - only to discover he is actually a spy acting on behalf of Principal Skinner.A car enthusiast contacts memorabilia expert Lawrence about a helmet that once belonged to land speed record-breaker Donald Campbell, and James faces a dilemma when he gets an offer for one of his favourite impulse buys Documentary following a research project that has uncovered the ruins of an ancient hidden civilisation in the jungles of Central America, and revealing what fresh information the find has brought to light about the Mayan people.Discoveries include the grave of a queen with links to a mysterious royal dynasty and evidence of managing the landscape on an industrial scale to support large urban populations Premiere.Suppliers must deliver more than just food as their customers have already eaten in all the best restaurants, meaning it's the exclusivity of the dining experience that counts and the story behind the ingredients that matters Season 6 Episode 5/10A one-year-old St Bernard suffering with hip dysplasia is brought to the clinic by the Warden family.Having recently lost the the dog's brother to a similar illness, emotions are running high.Comedy adventure, starring Melissa Mc Carthy, Jason Statham and Rose Byrne.

Edited for sexual content An art director joins the staff of a magazine, and is soon sleeping with the recruiter who hired him.American comedy, starring Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton and Peter Boyle The First Temptation of Daphne Season 9 Episode 3/24Daphne is furious to learn Niles is counselling an attractive female patient who is nursing an obsession of her own, while a chirping cricket drives Frasier to distraction.American comedy, starring Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce and Jane Leeves The Return of Martin Crane Season 9 Episode 4/24Martin prepares for his first night's work as a security guard, and while the gang agonises over who will be landed with walking Eddie, he recalls his traumatic last day as a policeman.BURN THE FLOOR is the ultimate high-voltage theatrical dance experience exploding with jaw-dropping choreography, heart-pounding music and breath-taking moves.From seriously sexy to irresistibly charming, the talented ensemble of dancers joins forces with two sensational singers and a live band in an electrifying production that ‘will have you leaping out of your seat to join in’ Heat Magazine.Comedy from director Richard Linklater, starring Jack Black, Joan Cusack, Mike White and Sarah Silverman The super-powered team takes on a mysterious alien who has been sent by his planet-eating master to prepare Earth for obliteration.

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