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I love the weight, the way they feel, the way their move and bounce with each step. I love to share, though, and I thought I could share my story because it’s kind of a turn-on to think of people reading it...I wear them as often as possible and have even slept in them so that I could feel... when i first started wearing my wifes bra i tried putting socks in the cups didnt give the feel of real breasts so after trying other things i started to work part time for a mistress that ran a business for helping cds in my area.i became her maid and worked for barter and... Sure, many are "industrial" appearing, just plain, simply put.

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I have various sizes and can go up to a DD in the bra I use to hold them.

I wear breast forms many times at work and home and have 2 sizes. Like for work today I wore my chic and tight designer black skinny jeans and a very tight blue turtleneck leotard with my C cups. They provide support, they work for the wearer but are not appealing to the eye in my opinion.

I am wearing a Satin Tracings by Bali as I write this. I had spent many years with a home made breast forms to fill out my bras.

When you get up in the morning you decide what am I wearing today and select a bra with breast forms to... I often put on panties and bras, this is something I just can't resist, but I have always wanted to know what it felt like to have silicone breast forms. My breast forms arrived today and I have them on with my Elila microfibre bra for their maiden voyage. Having small 'boobs' of my own this worked in a c cup fairly well.

I am a barrel chested guy, I have a 50C bra and did an admirable job filling it with my man boobs, but there was too much slack. However in the last couple of years I have acquired five pairs of breast forms in different sizes.

Last January W/we were at a fetish store and Mistress bought me my bra with pockets for breast forms. I couldn't believe how real they felt and it wasn't long before I felt naked or incomplete without them.

A few years later I decided to try the triangle shaped...

and that is having an E-cup.” He didn’t get much support from the men — who quickly began complaining about sore backs and sore shoulders.

But the unmoved Van Doorselaere said his plan was no bust and planned to milk it for all it’s worth.

They looked really good after I got them into the bra but they had no weight to them and I felt like I was missing something, and when they weren't in the bra they looked weird. We were talking the other month about silicone **** for me and I began to get quite aroused.

Anyway, my sexy slutty wife decided to order some without me knowing.

“As a man, how can you know what it is like to have a bigger cup size? “You make lingerie for women with a larger cup size but you have no clue,” he said.

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