Black women interracial dating stats

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Black women interracial dating stats

This painted picture's main element is stereotypes.Every black person is not the same physically or mentally, which is true for any race, but for some reason society does not give the black race room to breathe because everyone holds blacks to a societal, stereotypical standard.

Once a black man thinks he is accepted into the White or American society, he feels that he can have anything and anyone he wants.

Agree or disagree but the truth is, it is about self-hate and the feeling of acceptance.

I do not mean black men hate being black but it can be many reasons that causes self-hate.

The media and the role models, themselves, highlight being with women of other races as being the “it” thing now, and the successful black on black relationships are never highlighted.

Mainly because there are very few that are actually in the spotlight.

Society says African Americans have nappy hair, big noses, lips, rumps, can sing, dance, and rap, and their black mothers and grandmothers can cook, especially fried chicken.

It also said and known that our black boys and men are talented in sports, and believe it or not other races use black men's talents against the black community to separate our black men from our black community, but let me get back to that later.Is it because the way the media portrays black women?That is partially true, but it cannot be the only reason.Simply because there is nothing wrong with black women! There is no reason for any black man or any other race man to say that he does not date or will never marry a women that is the same race he is and the same goes for women.This a phenomenon because there are more black men that disown their black women more than any other race men.I mean our black men must know that every black women or generally speaking, every woman is not the same. But then I realized that black people have so many different shades of skin tones, so many different shapes and sizes, and even different textures and lengths of hair, and I know it cannot be our choice of clothing because everyone has their own sense of style as well.

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