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I myself think it is very important to be aware of your surroundings , especially with everything that is going on around the world today.

Both suffered from depression and both took what they thought was the easy way out….So we not only have our life to look after , we now have a slave or submissive to look after. So any mistakes we make does not only effect us , it effects someone else as well.Please do not take me wrong everyone in life deserves a chance , and if your a Dominant in the lifestyle and you suffer from any type of depression you just need to find your happy medium.She was scared of me and wouldn’t talk to me or anything. See you know her but you really do not know her , which tells me the two of you have a huge communication gap.She said she wasn’t going to talk to me and if I didn’t leave her alone she would call the cops. I feel she should have some punishment for some of the stuff she said and did. She knows that but just went to her past or something. Both of you should set time aside so you can just talk and talk about anything.I have a friend who is bi-polar but also suffers from Paranoid schizophrenia R is really on some heavy duty medication and right now his kidney function is down to about 15% and he is only in his mid 50’s. I am no doctor nor do I have a PHD , what I do have though is about 25 year in the lifestyle and almost as long being active in the community.

I have met thousands of people in the lifestyle over the years, and the few things I have done and done well is, I have learned to listen , Observe and take in massive amounts of information. I have spent years talking to those who are submissive as well as slaves , and I have met Dominants from all over the world. I am always watching my surroundings when I am out.

The other night Arianna and I were walking and I was asking if she remembered things around her and she said no.

I then went on and said and the end of the road the house on the right there is a red mustang parked in the driveway, along with a Toyota tundra , while walking past another house there was a car and I asked her what was missing , and she shrugged and I said there is a Nissan pickup missing , sure enough on the way back the truck was there as well as the mustang and the Tundra.

She turned around and said she is talking and we will leave when she is fucking done. So I went and got the car and pulled up and told her again let’s go.

Then the other guy that was with her friend came over and threatened to fight me. Well we dropped off a friend that was with us and then stopped at a store unfortunately the same guys pulled up at the store and well things got heated and almost fighting.

It seems way to easy to push medication on someone rather than look at the root of the problem.