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Bill and his associate Don Embry, also a polygamist, continue to dispute with Roman over business holdings in Home Plus.Roman is aided by his sociopathic teenage bride Rhonda Volmer, as well as his son (and Nicolette's elder brother) Alby, a closeted homosexual and ardent follower of the United Effort Brotherhood (UEB), the priesthood of Juniper Creek.

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Nicki enrolls son Wayne in a Catholic school, and grows paranoid that he will be indoctrinated.

Sarah joins an ex-Mormon support group to voice her frustrations over her family life, and meets Scott, whom she forges a relationship with.

Rhonda escapes Juniper Creek and manipulates her way into staying with Sarah's friend and co-worker, Heather; she then begins manipulating and blackmailing Heather and her family in order to help forge a career as a singer.

The mall scenes from season one were filmed in the Fox Hills Mall, in Culver City, California.

Other exterior shots were filmed in Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah and Sandy, Utah, as well as northeast Los Angeles, California.

After the family's exposure, Barb goes into seclusion, and Margie suspects their neighbors, Pam and Carl, were responsible.

Home Plus billboards are vandalized, and the tumult within the house results in Bill and Barb forgetting Nicki's anniversary, exacerbating tensions.Although set in Utah, the series was primarily filmed at the Santa Clarita Studios in Valencia, California.The location used for filming "Henrickson's Home Plus" scenes was The All American Home Center in Downey, California.In Sandy, Utah, fundamentalist Mormon Bill Henrickson practices a polygamous marriage with his three wives: Barbara "Barb", Nicolette "Nicki", and Margene "Margie." Bill owns and operates Home Plus, a local hardware store chain which earns the family considerable income, and allows him to support his wives and their seven children.Tensions rise within the family amidst the wives with the newly-introduced Margie, a former babysitter of Bill's and employee at his store—as well as between Bill and Roman Grant, Nicolette's father, who is an influential patriarch and prophet of Juniper Creek, the fundamentalist compound where Nicolette and Bill were raised.Like the FLDS, the UEB has built its own temple on its Kansas compound.