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Just know that cold approaches are not at all common here so expect the girl to be flustered and blow you off.This Bangalore sex guide will start off with tips for mongering, girls that aren’t pros will come next, and then finish up with the best online dating site in India.This is going to be pretty hard when you first arrive.Odds of you finding a reliable pimp with hot escorts on a short vacation are slim to none. You can try to hit on tourist girls for sure, but getting a quick sex with Bangalore girls will be very hard.Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, just temper your expectations.It is considered even more taboo of a subject here then in sex prison first world countries.

Girls are raised to think that it is an evil thing, until of course they are in love and then its totally cool.

There are a few different places to get a happy ending massage in Bangalore like: Generally you will pay 2k for the massage and another 500 or so for a handjob, so around - USD.

You can head to areas like Majestic or the Manipal Center Junction and look for street prostitutes but don’t expect there to be much quality.

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You can try to meet Bangalore escorts online but expect there to be many bait and switch schemes with pics of hot girls and less attractive ones showing up. The main way that most guys find sex in Bangalore is through ‘service providers’ which are effectively pimps.