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A POCO(Plain Old Clr Objects) is nothing but a simple c# class.

Life as a developer with our current tools is quite amazing.Those annotations make Entity Framework to generate validation rules or create a display name attribute while generating scaffolding code for us.With this class and a Data context that inherits from Db Context is more than enough to create the database table for us by Entity framework.Once you download the source code from Git Hub have a look at all the classes inside Models folder which by convention stores all our domain objects. do not load all items into memory until it is argument (which is a directory) and uses that 'directory' to do its work.The team at Microsoft is constantly working on the development of the product and updates being pushed to the framework has always been very well tested and dependable.

This has made MVC a serious contender as framework of choice for web development.Another interesting thing to learn is Navigation properties and virtual keyword.Navigation properties are essentially relationships. For example looking at the following line of code in the product class So this demonstrates how easy it is to create relationships and we can access relational data from the other table in our code using navigation properties and .(notation) just like accessing data of objects.It feels like you're trying to mix apples and oranges. NET MVC purposefully does away with the 'page' idea.There's really no reason to have directories for various users unless you're doing some sort of File I/O, and if that's the case then it can be abstracted to work in the ASP.Even those of us without any real "creative" side can build applications that look nice, that accept user inputs nicely and provide a decent user experience.

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