Are cm punk and maria still dating

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Are cm punk and maria still dating

Down 1–0, Wes wins the second round by doing a dramatic diving lunge where he swings up, hitting Bananas in the torso. As Bananas drove in to hit Wes, he dove under barely escaping a flurry of swings where Wes was able to take him out and get the win.It might not have been the physical game that we wanted, but a win is a win.

In the following match, Wes gets hit in the first round as he keeps himself to close to the middle as he gets smacked by a diagonal cross from Bananas.I feel proud of the Champs, they showed that the Challenge is something that occasionally takes experience and not everyone can transition seamlessly.Nominations: CM Punk is nominated as he is the team captain who lost, while Shawn Merriman gets voted in for his poor performance in the daily challenge.Maybe Darrell, CT, and Wes were when they were 23, but not as much these days.Jordan is the only male you can argue is still in their prime, physically and age wise.While not a physical elimination, it’s a game of skill and luck, fun to watch.

For Snapper each person gets to pick a “seer” to be their eyes for them from afar.

Out of spite, Cara and Ashley M vote Johnny in, CT and Darrell also toss votes his way to save themselves.

Elimination: They play Snapper, the blind fencing game from Rivals 2.

For the Champs, Jordan as captain picks Wes, which makes sense as Wes is out of shape, and currently the worst athlete in the group.

What I don’t agree with is Jordan’s statement that Wes’s record isn’t very good.

Louise and Cara also performed strongly, finishing 2nd and 3rd. Fourth Heat: Shawn-Louie-Gus-Jordan-Darrell The group was neck and neck in the very beginning.