Arab style sex

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Arab style sex

Love Matters Arabic has reached over three million views on its Youtube channel.It’s a major landmark for RNW’s taboo-breaking Arabic-language website about sexual health, which only started 10 months ago.

With her natural approach and her use of the Egyptian accent (the most popular Arabic dialect), the Love Matters video doctor appeals to a wide audience.“We receive a lot of 'Thank you, doctor' in our comments.In addition, the words “create” and “greatest” should be used really cautiously as they are also associated with God.Drugs, alcohol (even an empty glass of champagne) can not be used in advertising. Homosexuality and any hints at a non-traditional sexual orientation are also under the strict prohibition. Therefore the organization “Red Cross” is called “Red Crescent” here.“There’s always a big build–up to the first night," Abir explains."There is a lot of pressure to perform, particularly for men.Most views come from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Morocco.

“And yes, they’re mostly men.”First night The most popular video deals with a couple’s preparations for their wedding night.

In the most conservative Asian countries it is prohibited to show open eyes in the advertisement.

Thus advertising agencies have to be very imaginative when showing people. In order to protect their citizens from the depraved West, censors had to make extreme efforts.

The most popular solutions of the problem are: – Pixelization – Wear glasses – Close eyes with pleasure Nudity is prohibited in any form. That’s when Photoshop and other available means like a black marker, paper and glue come into the play. Particular attention is paid to advertising of films. Parody to muslim advertisements: To write the name of a product in the Arabic script keeping at least some hint at the world-famous style of the brand is very difficult.

It has to be retouched in order to comply with strict cultural expectations. These pictures were taken in some malls of the UAE.

Need for sex education The success of Love Matters Arabic – all organic growth - doesn’t surprise her.