Application screenupdating false application cutcopymode false

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If you do turn it on and off when switching to and from your workbook, copying and pasting from another workbook to the one with the code becomes impossible.

Is there a way to disable the paste function in specified cells, so that users cannot paste data into them but must type data into them manually? However, I don't want to disable right-click altogether, as that includes other options that I want to remain enabled (e.g., Insert Comment).Instead I have replaced this with the following: If Selection. ) but it could probably be fixed with a couple of Application. I am trying to use the Catch Paste file in Excel 2003, but I get an "Invalid procedure call or argument (Error 5)" on the this line of code "Set o Bar = Application. Another thing I would disable is the contextmenu "paste options" showing paste format option.Command Bars (s Combar Name)" in the mod Handle Paste module. This menu appear using "paste values" button on excel standard toolbar. This morning I had another example, smeone overwrote all my error checking conditional formatting when the did a traditional paste. Is there any way to preserve Excel's feature wherein selecting cell B1 then pressing TAB, TAB, TAB, then ENTER moves back to B2? Just as a formula in B21 can be cached as a cell comment in B20 (the headings row), and then can be extracted from that cell comment as a formula in B21 for filldown, so I suspect that sheet-resident validation can be cached somewhere (perhaps in a macro?I only want to disable pasting (whether by right-click or Ctrl V), etc in a specific range of cells. Cut Copy Mode = False '*** Msg Box for Testing only remove for production *** Msg Box "No Paste for YOU!", _ vb OKOnly vb Critical, _ "The Paste Natzie says..." End Sub Sub Check Copy Mode() Dim rng Prevent Paste As Range Set rng Prevent Paste = Range("C: F") '*** No Paste Columns *** If Application.I found this page on MS help & support site listing all IDs but that: Which totally defeated the purpose of the having the error checking in the first place. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this, it is priceless! In the My Paste Values routine, regarding the portion of the code that checks Move After Return Direction and decides which direction to move. ) so that it can repopulate the validation in the sheet each time the sheet is activated.

I store my validation list in an external file named "List_"&Great piece of code!

You are about to Paste Values (cannot be undone), proceed?

" & vb New Line & "Tip: to be able to undo a paste, use the paste values button on the toolbar.", vb Question vb OKCancel, GSAPPNAME) = vb OK Note that the code above also mimicks the Move After Return behaviour of Excel.

This is all code I have in This Workbook: Add Catch "Dummy", 3187 Application. " & vb New Line & vb New Line & _ "The paste operation has caused illegal entries to appear" & vb New Line & _ "in one or more cells containing validation rules." & vb New Line & vb New Line & _ "Please check all cells you have just pasted " & vb New Line & _ "into and correct any errors! Select Hey Jan, this is an excellent article and solves a problem I have been thinking about for a while. If it is merged, the value of the clipboard range gets put into a temporary cell.

Thanks for putting the effort into sorting this all out, it means I don't have to worry about it so much and can get on with the rest of our development. The VALUE of this cell is then assigned to the VALUE of the selected merge cells.

To catch clicks on the various Excel 2007 (and up) paste controls, you have to include Custom UI with your Excel 2007-2013 format xlsm file.