Any advice for dating an architect

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My methods were successful for me because I know myself.You’ve got to pick a strategy that works best for you. It’s great to offset the pressure of those exam deadlines with the idea of a little treat for yourself afterward.

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A professor of mine at Cal Poly drove hard the recommendation to become licensed as soon as possible after graduation, and I was anxious to finally call myself an architect after so many years of pursuing the career, so that’s what I did.I’m looking forward to developing tools with NCARB to improve equitable attainment of licensure for emerging professionals during their initial years of practice, so we continue to improve the diversity of our profession.Recently, our team reviewed previous research and conducted interviews to understand existing methods and challenges firms face with regard to ensuring equitable access to mentorship and experience opportunities.But as a follow-up to that post, I can say that while 4.0 divisions are relatively known and predictable after so many years, 5.0 divisions are much better exams—they really test your ability to think and make decisions like an architect.Because of that, I think some experience in the industry will help for 5.0 more than it did for 4.0.I’m excited to report our findings at our next meeting and begin to outline programs that will help firms with these challenges.

After working on multifamily projects for a few years, I was ready to move on, try something new, and expand my skillset.I have so many answers to this question, and they’ve all evolved over time, so it’s really hard to pick just one that sums it all up.I think it’s common for architects to look back and identify a pattern or path that led them to become what they are from a really young age.For me that’s meant a constant, life-long, inward reflection to understand why I want to be an architect.The day I stop asking myself why is the day I’ll stop practicing.The best answer I have today is I’m insatiably curious—I love weaving a fabric of my understanding of life as I move through it.

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