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Amber marshall heartland dating - Dating sexyvideo

Wardle is best known for his role as Ty Borden in the long-running CBC series Heartland.Under his Movie Production and Entertainment Company, Lone Maverick, Wardle has made films such as Under Pressure (2008), The Vessel (2012) and Cold Lights (2013).

Heartland celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2016.

At the age of 12, Graham landed his first TV series role in The Sentinel.

He went on to appear in shows like The New Addams Family (1999), The Outer Limits (2001), Life as We Know It (2004) and Supernatural (2005).

Graham sells merchandise on his website and donates the entire proceeds to charity.

Read Also: Rick Hoffman Wife, Net Worth, Gay, Height, Son, Bio The chemistry between Graham and his Heartland match up Amy Fleming (played by Amber Marshall) is so intense that fans can’t help but wish that they were real life couples.

In between his Heartland gig, Graham has featured in a handful of other movies.

They include; That One Night (2008), Yesterday (2009), Mon Ami (2012), and the Syfy TV movie Grave Halloween (2013).Amber Marshall, the star from the popular series Heartland, is a real life horseback rider and owner.Her character, Amy Fleming, is an amazing trainer that specifically works with troubled horses.With all these gigs, Graham has been able to amass a net worth estimated to be in the tune of million.As he revealed on his website, Graham is passionate about mythology and regularly studies the works of Alan Watts and Joseph Campbell.He was raised in New Westminster, near Vancouver alongside his five siblings.

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