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Always coming up with a way to try to make life easier…but always having to fall back on the old standby. His dad died suddenly in January of 1944 - around the time of his 13th birthday.

Fast-forward three years, the happy couple is still engaged and confirms that “technically the wedding planning is in full-force,” but they haven’t marked a date on the calendar for a variety of personal reasons.Rossi and Smiley, who will celebrate eight years together in February, plan to have a destination wedding for their big day, but hope to welcome a baby first.“Really, the thing that ultimately held us back from pulling the trigger is the fact that Slade and I don’t do anything really small; we kind of do things over-the-top and a little snazzy.But it always put him in a foul mood, especially since he had to do it in the middle of the night. We’d have to wake him to come downstairs for dinner, and that’s when he was at his ball-breaking“best”. The sin of it is that he left us too early - having passed on Mother’s Day in 2001 at the age of 70.I only wished he’d have lived long enough to see two granddaughters get married and give him 2 great grandsons and 2 beautiful granddaughters.Getting up at the crack of dawn to deliver bread with (his godfather and Uncle Joe), after which he was dropped off at Boody Junior High School, and struggled just to stay awake - whenever he wasn’t playing hooky with his friends.

But he did manage to graduate, and went on to Abraham Lincoln High (or as my grandmother used to call it) where he got as far as 9th grade.

They really made it an event for all their guests all weekend long.

It was such a memorable wedding that we both said to each other, ‘That’s the kind of feel and the kind of experience that we want all our guests to have.’ That’s kind of what is in our mind when it comes to the Biltmore,” she says of the North Carolina property.

Once we feel like it’s appropriate to spend that kind of money on the type of wedding that we would like, then we will definitely consider that.” Though the couple hopes to have a formal wedding, they aren’t in a rush to say their nuptials for anyone else’s sake.

“The truth is that Slade and I already feel married and we’re in a very committed relationship as if we were married, and so it’s not something that we feel like we have to have a marriage certificate to qualify our love for each other,” she says.

“I really want it to truly to be more of a true documentary rather than a reality, soapy-type documentary that’s berating.” As the couple looks to the future, they’re reflective of their past and the hurdles they overcame that built the committed relationship they’re in today.