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In 1990, Robert Cowen studied sheephead in four sites where the availability of food varied.In the area with the most food, females changed sex at about 13 years old and lived about 21 years.

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At the time, I assumed that the wildlife camera was a flash in the pan.After all, why would anyone want to spend hours watching animals halfway around the world doing not much on a grainy, unreliable video feed? As the technology has improved, wildlife cams have steadily gained popularity among both scientists and casual, a clearinghouse of wildlife camera feeds, hosts a veritable Noah’s Ark worth: eagles, owls, walruses, sharks, polar bears, and, of course, puppies and kittens.Life on a remote island is fairly basic: Your cell phone doesn’t get service; you sleep in a tent; and when you run out of fresh water, you do your best to sieve the algae out of your rain barrel before using the water for cooking.My colleague found himself constantly responding to frantic requests from cam viewers, dismayed that their puffin-watching had been interrupted by a faulty wire or a blocked solar panel.You can scroll from a big-cat rescue center in Florida to a hummingbird nest in California.

Each cam has a comment board, and dedicated watchers leave notes for one another, detailing their observations and providing screen captures of what they’ve seen.Predators on the hunt can't detect the fishes' scent through the mucus covers.Sheephead appear to be asleep, but since fishes don't have eyelids, we can only assume they're sleeping.The fisheries grew rapidly, with sheephead becoming a large share of the catches.Because restaurant aquariums are small, commercial fisheries seek small, pre-adult sheephead, usually females before they've reproduced.The idea that wild animals treat one another better than humans treat one another is largely a wishful myth.