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Tax Breaks Are Sought With all this working against the pleasant life that once attracted many immigrants to Oregon, residential construction is suffering.

This was more than a third of the manufacturing jobs in the state.Since November the employees have been on four-day weeks. 4 they were told the plant was closing for eight weeks while new equipment was installed.There are 210 wood products mills in Oregon, ranging from relatively small plants like Tomco's to some that employ thousands. 13, 48 of them were closed and 74 were operating on curtailed shifts. ''The big companies are making their decisions in rooms far away from the communities.We are here to provide you with important information and help you navigate through the process of applying for financial aid. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 541-383-7260 or [email protected] you have any questions. 27— They wonder here in the timber country if this is when the good life ends in Oregon and the nightmare begins.Oregon's state government relies almost entirely on income taxes, which are coming in far below estimates. Victor Atiyeh, a conservative Republican, and the Legislature have been trying to agree on 7 million in program cuts or new revenues.

It appears that further cuts are to be made in state programs, that a real estate tax relief program will be trimmed and that a surtax will be added to the state income tax.The Georgia-Pacific Corporation closed the plant last year, saying it was old and uneconomic. But I'm lucky I own my own home.'' Decisions Made 'Far Away' Bly is a tiny settlement east of Klamath Falls in the pine forest country of south-central Oregon. In January, checks under the 26-week program went to 85,048 Oregonians; 8,732 were paid under the 13-week program.''I think I have six or seven weeks left on unemployment,'' he said. Ron Reichardt ran the steam boiler and powerhouse at a Weyerhaeuser Company mill there that employed about 240 people in 1979. And last week 2,441 more were collecting under the state's new 13-week additional benefit program.The plant may reopen if interest rates decline and the national housing market improves, but no one knows when that might happen.Meanwhile, 135 people in a town of 7,000 have lost their jobs.Some older people worry about a kind of migration they remember from the Great Depression.

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