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WWII dog tags come complete with tooth notch and rolled edge.

In the Vietnam War, American soldiers were allowed to place rubber silencers on their dog tags so the enemy would not hear the metallic clanking. Prior to the use of Social Security Numbers on dog tags beginning in the 1960s, the military printed the individual's military service (or serial) number.Set of Notched WWII Dog Tags includes: 2 Indent Stamped Notched Stainless Steel Tags 1 Stainless Steel 27" chain, not shown 1 Stainless Steel 4.5" chain, not shown 2 Black Silencers, not shown Note: Silencers were available late in 1944.However, we decided to include silencers just in case you need them.The rolled edge is to the back and the hole is on the left.Set # 2 of Vietnam Dog Tags includes: 2 Stamped, Stainless Steel Dog Tags-Indent Text 1 Stainless Steel 24" chain, not shown 1 Stainless Steel 4.5" chain, not shown 2 Black Silencers, not shown The British Army and their Imperial forces in Canada, Australia and New Zealand issued identification tags from the beginning of the First World War.In 1918, the Army adopted and allotted the serial number system, and name and serial numbers were ordered stamped on the identification tags of all enlisted troops.

(Serial number 1 was assigned to enlisted man Arthur B.The dog tags hang from the rifle's handle or trigger guard.Service members also often give them to loved ones before deployments or when dating, similar to the student practice of giving a sweetheart one's letterman jacket or ring to wear.There is a recurring myth about the notch situated in one end of the dog tags issued to United States Army personnel during World War II.It was rumored that the notch's purpose was so that if a soldier found one of his comrades on the battlefield, he could take one tag to the commanding officer and stick the other between the teeth of the soldier to ensure that the tag would remain with the body and be identified.Others chose to tape the two tags together with black tape. Black Dog Tags - During the Vietnam War (1963-1975) subdued black dog tags were issued to Special Operation Forces operating behind enemy lines.

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