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The best web based alternative to Microsoft Visio especially if you are not using a Windows machine, you can create any type of diagram with it as well.

There will be a few files, documents that will only come format and unfortunately good ol’ Adobe or Microsoft Word won’t even be able to get a preview.

This is as far as I am aware the only free available software for that .

It supports pretty much all formats of text and images plus it’s available in many platforms. We all know how painful and annoying dealing with citations can be especially after taking days just to finish a paper.

You have to have at least one app to expand all the compressed files you come across.

If you need more than just uncompress your teacher’s or friend’s files for a class, this one can also compress any heavy files you may want to send to others or save to your computer.

While there many djvu readers out there they can all be troublesome and painstaking to make them work without hiccups or errors. For Mac, you can use You ever wondered how come some academic papers you see online or your teacher has handed in look extremely neat and nice despite having complex graphics, writing and equations. Getting acquianted with it will boost your chances to get extra credit for every class that needs you to hand in reports or research paper.

Learn more how to use it from the Latex Project Website.

This app will organize all the sources you used and give you an easier time when dealing with citation by storing your sources, downloading citations directly from other databases plus you can use the web app to easily collect your sources too.

If you have a subject or a project to difficult to visualize, understand or grasp this is where a mindmap comes in handy.

Unlike win Rar and other compressors this one is completely free.

This is a great utility to save you some time when you are trying to clean out your computer from all the junk you’ve accumulated during the semester: useful docs, pdfs, games, music and more.

A more complete alternative for a document coverter.

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